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Latin lessons

for everyone

Are you considering to take the

Cambridge Latin IGCSE exam?

We can help you prepare!


Did you always want to learn Latin

but never had the chance - we can help!


Studying Classics and struggling with the language side of things?

Don't be discouraged! Let us show you the logic behind the language and start having fun with the ancient texts!


Learn to really understand the language by working systematically,

replace guesswork with sound grammatical knowledge.


learn Latin.

Latin IGCSE?

unfulfilled dreams?

studying Classics?

Welcome to the English speaking department of our School!

Don't be confused by that most of our website is in German:

the Schola Catilina is a Latin language school based in England with its roots in Germany.  

Our offer:

• 5 h  £100

• 25 h £300

one-on-one teaching


Lessons tailored around your

needs, goals and ability.


100% online

100% COVID safe


Free 60 minute try-out lesson,

no strings attached!


Contact us to have a chat about

how we can help you!

When studying Classics, Xavi specialised in Latin Literature with a particular focus on Cicero, Sallustius, Caesar and Vergilius.

Your teacher:

Scott Xavi Gudrich MA MSc

Xavi obtained his MA (Distinction) in Classics with a specialisation on Latin Literature at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg, Germany, where he studied under renowned academics like historian Hans-Joachim Gehrke and Latinist Bernhard Zimmermann. His thesis on the portrayal of Catiline by Cicero and Sallustius was awarded an A-grade (German grade 1.3) by Gesine Manuwald, now Head of Department of Greek and Latin at UCL.

He has 15 years experience teaching Latin, both in presential and online courses.

Xavi's roots are in the UK, Catalonia and Germany and he speaks English, Catalan and German fluently. His years spent living in Catalonia, right in the middle of what once was the Roman Empire, have installed in him not only an academic but also an emotional connection to the subject matter.

He is an enthusiastic and friendly teacher who has been described as a real "Mr. Motivator" and who loves passing on his excitement to his students.

personalised online
Latin language courses
distance learning with  individual personal support
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